The last 18 months have seen a UK property market like no other as rapid rises in demand saw stock levels unable to keep up.

We weigh up whether this “hectic” time, as Rightmove’s Director of Property Data, Tim Bannister, called it will continue or if we will finally see some stability.

Bannister also believes we have seen changes in housing needs “driven” by the coronavirus pandemic, and that last year’s Stamp Duty holiday was “encouraging some movers to bring their plans forward.”

2021 saw record year-on-year jumps in property sales, with a whopping 200,000 sales in June – three times the number recorded a year earlier – according to the ONS.

Here’s what else to expect from this 2022’s property market.

Cities and towns across Yorkshire saw substantial falls in the number of marketed properties despite the incredible demand and this has rather unsurprisingly continued in the early parts of 2022. Since January 2021, there have been nationwide drops between 31% and 47% as Propertymark recorded the “lowest-ever supply” of houses, but the 80 per cent increase of stock in January 2022 means pressure on supply has eased. This is projected to continue all year as a result of post-pandemic living.

Across the whole of Yorkshire, there were only 69,300 properties sold in 2021, but we can expect this number to rise as more and more homes become available. Rural properties are also retaining their appeal post-pandemic, with growing families constantly looking for more open space when buying. We anticipate that house and property prices in the county will increase by 4.5% this year, so it will be a case of ‘the sooner, the better’ for a lot of buyers.

Although we do not operate in lettings, it is interesting and important to note that 20% of UK landlords are seriously considering selling at least one of their properties in order to guarantee instant return on investment, having seen unfulfilled potential due to the pandemic. This could therefore have a positive effect on buyers’ chances of landing the home they want for the right price thanks to the increase in stock on the market.

There is still some uncertainty around what else we can expect to see in the rest of 2022, but new environmentally-focused improvements to property will mean that the overall quality of houses and property coming to the 2022 property market across Yorkshire will improve.

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