5 Ways To Transform Your Garage Into A Focal Point

8th Feb 2023
5 Ways To Transform Your Garage Into A Focal Point - Dale Eddison

Working remotely has become the norm for many people across the UK, so making the most of the space in your home has become more valuable than ever. You might not instantly think of the garage as the centre of attention within your home, but there are many ways you can give it a revamp to turn it from that room into that room:

Extra storage

Storage takes up room in everyone’s home, whether it’s just a box or a whole room full, so moving it out of the main home and into the garage could free up lots of space.

If you want to use your garage for storage, whilst keeping it tidy, you’ll have to get creative- the key is to maximise your floor space as much as possible. Vertical shelves are a great way to story more whilst taking up less room... instead of dangerously leaving your items on the floor, you can get them stacked!

However, not everything should be stored high up. If you have a bench lying around, why not transform it into a storage container? As well as being a handy perch, it could double up as storage. For example, adding some hooks underneath could make for a great shoe holder!


Garages are notoriously cold. Attached garages are basically another large door on your home, so it’s likely to be a major source of heat loss. Adding insulation can not only turn it into a room you want to go in, it can also make your home warmer over the winter and cooler over the summer- lowering your bills in the process.

Insulation can be installed between the studs, even if your space isn’t fully furnished, which can help you to utilise the space. For that bit extra, try spraying foam on your doors.

An extra room

For many, having a separate space within their home to work is imperative for keeping the two lives separate- and turning your garage into an office doesn’t even need to be expensive! If your garage is insulated, a lick of paint with some additional furniture can turn it into a modern workspace in no time.

If you don’t need an office, then what about a home gym? If it can hold the space for a parked car then there’s definitely enough room to work out. All you need is an exercise mat or a bench and any equipment that you’d use- who needs the gym?

Or you could really treat yourself… to your very own games room! A dart board takes up no room, and if you’re able to splash then a pool table would really complete the look. It could be a great place to host friends and family, and you could even put a sofa in there with a projector on the opposite wall to create your very own home cinema.

A bedroom

Most homes don’t feature a designated guest room, but your garage could be your opportunity! Transforming it into an extra bedroom may give you the extra space you need, if your family is expanding or you have a relative stay with you.

If you’ve added the extra storage space and insulation, then all you would need is some carpet, a bed and some drawers,

A playroom

You may have young children, in which case the garage could be a perfect space for them and all their toys! You could move all the play mats, games and annoying pieces of Lego that always manage to be stepped on, creating so much less clutter in your home.

Plus, most garages open on to ta garden or driveway, allowing you to extend their space in the warmer months if you wanted to. Insulation, storage and a bit of carpet will create the perfect den.

Adding value to your garage can substantially increase your property’s price tag. Take advantage of our services at Dale Eddison by requesting your FREE property valuation today!