Do you want to make your property more attractive to potential buyers? Or perhaps you need more space for those that live in your home. An annexe could be the answer! Here’s 5 reasons why you should consider an annexe for your property:

  • Increases value

Did you know that annex/e was the 4th and 5th most searched word related to property sales in 2021?* Annexes are high in demand, with one potentially increasing your property’s value by up to 30%! They are slowly become the IT feature for a home.

  • Almost a quarter of adults in the UK live in a multi-generational household

Many young adults are staying at home longer to avoid increasing rent costs whilst giving them the opportunity to save for their own home, but one of the main reasons is this allows them to care for their elderly family members.

An annexe installation will therefore be extremely attractive to these families, who would like to keep everyone under the same roof, but still need their own space at the same time. Similarly, knowing your loved ones are safe nearby can be a great peace of mind for some people.

  • Tax relief

Another reason why annexes can be such a valuable commodity is that they offer potential living accommodation for family members. Paying extra for a home that already has another one on site may be cheaper than paying for a parent to live in a care home.

Of course an annexe could be expensive, but it is a permanent addition to your home. Cost for a care home may even outweigh its cost in just a few years. For many families, paying for the care home residency alone, let alone the additional costs that may be added, simply isn’t possible.

  • Potential rental holiday home

Living in a city or a tourist area gives homeowners the option of renting out their annexe for however long they see fit. The great thing about an annexe is also that any guests have their own separate living space, with their own route into and out of the property, so holiday-makers and come and go as they want without disturbing the anyone. It’s a win-win!


  • More space for your home

With additional room in your home the possibilities are endless. Many people have converted them into home offices, cinemas, game rooms, gyms and even home bars! Essentially, an annexe is an extra room that you have to play with, which will also be attractive to prospective buyers.

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*Data from Rightmove